Nursing Care for Leukemia Singapore

Nursing Care for Leukemia Singapore


Leukemia is a cancer of the blood. It came from the word leukocytes which are a type of white blood cells that fight infections. In leukemia, there is an abnormal reproduction of these types of WBC's or white blood cells from the bone marrow. This disease is prevalent among the young age ones or the children. The treatment of this blood cancer is complicated depending on the kind or type of leukemia.

Symptoms, Causes & Risk Factors

Various symptoms can be seen among patients with this medical problem. Usually, an unexplained fever or chills sign is present. There is also add fatigue, frequency of infections, weight loss, easy bruising, and sometimes pain and tenderness in the bony regions of the body.

The main cause of leukemia is still undetermined. However, scientists think that it is caused by a gene mutation plus environmental influence. A patient can be classified with leukemia through two classifications. The initial type is by the progression of the disease and this account to either acute or chronic leukemia. In acute, there are immature blood cells or what they call blast. On the other hand, the blood cells content in chronic leukemia has more count of mature blood cells. The next classification is determined by the kind of WBC it affects. There are two as cell which are lymphocytic leukemia (which affects the lymph atic system) and the myelogenous leukemoa (which affects the myeloid).

Several risk factors can be attributed to the development of the disease. These are use of cigarette, genetic or family history of leukemia, chemical carcinogens around the environment, and disorders or abnormalities of the genes such as down syndrome.

Nursing Care Plan for Leukemia

A patient with a possible diagnosis of leukemia must be close cared well by a nurse through an excellent nursing care plan. The nurse must prepare the patient for a series of blood tests, bone marrow tests and physical exam from the physician. Once confirmed with such clinical diagnosis, the nurse can help the child or the adult men prepare for the treatment phase. The haematologist usually treats patients with blood disorders. The nurse must coordinate the treatment plan of the patient and share the results to the health care team. Several options include chemotherapy, biotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy or stem cell treatment. Nursing staff must also provide comfort through warm compress to painful areas as well as giving analgesics as ordered by the doctor. The nurse must also remind the patient about their vulnerability to infections.


There is hope for leukemia as there are more advanced forms of treatment options available to these kinds of patients. For more information, book or books available as well as scribd report page, free information and ads news around the internet which you can search, access and read at home.

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