Nursing Care for Impaired Skin Integrity Singapore

Nursing Care for Impaired Skin Integrity Singapore

What is Impaired Skin Integrity?

Skin, the largest organ of the body functions as the protector of our inner organs and tissue. Skin integrity means the condition of this organ as a whole. To have skin integrity means to have an intact and undamaged skin. With age, skin loses its integrity. It loses its natural elasticity and becomes thinner, making it more at risk to impairment or injury. In addition, its healing process becomes slower. When the skin is impaired, there is damage to the dermis and epidermis. Factors related to this may include friction, pressure, shearing, having edema, chronic illness, changes in air or humidity, or altered mobility (such as those confined to wheelchair or bed). A patient who has undergone a surgical procedure, like urinary diversion, may also be at risk of impaired skin integrity.

Why need a Nursing Care for Impaired Skin Integrity healthcare professional?

Nurses knowledgeable in skin integrity impairments will work hand in hand with your doctor to create a nursing plan and nursing interventions suited to you. The main goal of nursing plans is to heal any impairment to your ski n, bring back its health and elasticity and treat any und erlying causes to it. Firstly, they’ll assess the extent or stage of skin damage (ulcers, sores or redness), check for a change in skin turgor and other medical sign. If you have a wound or any skin ulcer that needs careful medical atten tio n, the nurse can do it even if you’re staying at home. They will make sure that you follow the intervent ion plan carefully, including the applic ation of prescribed topical skin treatments and monitor the results to see if there are improvements. They can also explain the healing process to help alleviate the mental stress it has caused you.

Where to find a Good nurse?

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Upon deployment, they’re provided with log sheets for monitoring purposes (both for attendance and medical purposes). They also have access to online resources like scribd, and other medical related materials to keep them updated with new nu rsing procedures.

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