Nursing Care for Impaired Memory Singapore

Nursing Care for Impaired Memory Singapore


Cognitive impairment is a condition in which there is a transition of being mentally active to having a decline in cognitive or thinking skills which is common due to aging. This is considered normal as we age. However, for some people, this can be the start of a more serious case of dementia that is irreversible such as Alzheimer’s disease. There is an increased chance for impair red memory related to a definite type of dementia with cognitive impairment.

Symptoms & Causes

Like the rest of the body, the brain also may impair on a long-term basis especially as we age. Elderly people often loss their mental and cognitive abilities. Problems such as being forgetful more than the usual, missing important activities, programs and special events may occur. All of such symptoms must be evaluated by a specialist.

The main cause for cognitive impairment cannot be attributed to a single factor. Information may tell us that it can be due to changes in the brain’s structure as well as presence of plaques that can be seen in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Nursing Care Plan for Cognitive Impairment

For someone suspected with cognitive impair ment, the nurse may prepare the patient to undergo several tests and exams. The search for a proper diagnosis will be based on the physical symptoms being experienced by the patient. These diagnostic services are in the form of brain imaging, lab tests and neurological exam. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, the nursing staff and the medical team can plan the long term care for the patient’s health condition. Depending on the illness, if it becomes worse over time, the family members must be instructed on what to do. The nurse can teach the relatives on how to maximize the patient’s memory and thinking function. A few ways may include installing a big clock and a calendar to orient the patient, a wristband (with the patient’s name, medical condition, contact number) when the patient becomes lost, and frequent monitoring of the patient. Lastly, the nurse must teach the patient and the relatives to engage in a healthy lifestyle because this may improve or prevent further cognitive impairments.


Cognitive impairment may progress for the worse or may occur but not progress among the elderly people. People with such living condition must be monitored at home especially to those with Alzheimer or Parkinson’s Disease. New news from top research center may help too.

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