Nursing Care for Hysterectomy Singapore

Nursing Care for Hysterectomy Singapore


Hysterectomy is a medical procedure involving the removal of uterus for varied reasons including cancer of the uterus/ovaries/cervix, uterine fibroids or sliding, adenomyosis and more. Upon the doctor’s advice, the removal can be done for the whole uterus or just a portion of it. Sometimes, both uterus and cervix are removed (total hysterectomy type). Hysterectomy can be done in 3 ways: abdominal, vaginal and laparoscopic. The patient afterwards will no longer have the chance of pregnancy, and will not have menstrual periods.

Prior to operation, patients are firstly checked for any health complications. On the operation day itself, you’ll be monitored by nurse dozens of times for any changes in blood pressure, temperature and pulse.

Why the need for a Nurse?

Although there is lesser risk associated with this surgical procedure, the post operation stage needs extra caution to gain back health as soon as possible. Some post surgery effects of hysterectomy include a lowering of self-esteem, physical discomforts or sexual dysfunction. Sign of these changes must be note and reported to doctors as observed.

A highly skilled nurse is able to determine these and address every concern professionally, at the comforts of the patient’s home. They do diagnosis and create a nursing intervention plan tailored to these concerns. They can administer or use a drug to alleviate pain and help stop infection of incision wounds. These nurses can serve as teachers too, since their knowledge in the area is much wider than that of the patient’s. They can provide psychological support by being a good listener and providing encouragement to the p ati ent as well.

A Career for Nurses

Don’t be the last to consider this great opportunity. Being a Hysterectomy nursing care service provider is an exciting and rewarding job. To be qualified, you must first get right education and pass the NCLEX (Nursing Council Licensure Exam), before practicing your skills inside a hospital. To increase knowledge, we recommend that you register to groups related to this field and ask questions or tips from experts. Once ready to render your service, apply with us and we’ll match your skills with employers that are in need of your expertise.

Why Choose Us

We are a Nursing Care for Hysterectomy Singapore service provider whose main goal is to search and get you the right nurse that matches our client’s preferences. We place ads for jobs and filter the applicants thru exams for you, connect you to the top candidates and assist you in choosing the best. Rest assured the nurses we provide are well-educated and well-trained, as our company makes sure they have access to necessary nursing resources online, on Scribd as well as to new book which they can read. During deployment, nurses can log their working hours if you request.

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