Nursing Care for Hypotension Singapore

Nursing Care for Hypotension Singapore


Low blood pressure, also called as hypotension, can be diagnosed by simply measuring the patient’s blood pressure. If you or a loved one needs nursing care for hypotension Singapore, our nurses can provide our nursing and other medical services at home.

Causes of Hypotension

No blood pressure is ever the same. A lower blood pressure by 20 mmHg may cause serious health problems for some people, while it may not affect the others. But severe hypotension is caused by a heart attack, severe infection, sudden loss of blood, or severe allergic reaction. On the other hand, orthostatic hypotension is due to a sudden change in position of the patient’s body, such as suddenly standing from sitting down, which only occurs for a few seconds or minutes. But if it happens after a meal, the condition is called postprandial orthostatic hypotension and often victimizes the elderly, Parkinson disease patients, and those with high blood pressure.

Another type of hypotension called the neutrally mediated hypotension (NMH) happens to both kids and adults. It usually occurs when a patient has been standing for extended periods of time. In your search for the causes of hypotension, some medicines and substances that patients use may also be the culprits. These include alcohol, diuretics, certain antidepressants, anti-anxiety medicines, types of surgical drug, pain killers, and heart medicines. Other causes include arrhythmias, nerve damage due to diabetes, heart failure, and dehydration.


Patients who get hypotension experience blurry vision, fainting, dizziness, ear disturbances, confusion, sleepiness, weakness, vomiting or nausea, and light headaches. It is important for patients to tell the nurse about even the smallest sign and symptoms of the disease so we can help you and treat you better.


Hypotension in healthy people usually doesn’t show signs and doesn’t require treatment. One of our nurses’ main jobs is also to identify the cause of the condition and symptoms. The easiest and top remedy is to put your feet above your heart. In the case of severe hypotension, medical and clinical services are needed. Patients may be given medicines to raise their blood pressure, strengthen the heart, blood supply through IV, and antibiotics and other drugs.

Our top treatments for NMH caused by medicine may include change of medicines as prescribed by the doctor, drink more fluids, and wearing compression stockings. Our pro nurses also recommend increasing fluid intake, changing body position slowly, avoiding alcohol, using compression stockings, and avoiding standing for a long time.

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