Nursing Care for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Singapore

Nursing Care for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Singapore


HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is an illness that can lead to death if not diagnosed early. HIV has different gene structures. It can proceed to a full blown AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome depending on the CD4 count of the blood of the person infected. Once diagnosed with HIV, the persons immune system becomes weaker and more prone to infections because of the aggressive HIV virus though it would take a lot of years for it to happen. A person infected with HIV virus can transmit the main virus in various ways. Everything will be discussed in this article page, nothing will be skip.


HIV symptoms will depend on the types or phase and the count of virus. The first one is acute HIV infection in which some of the symptoms for a patient or a person are fever, rash, swollen lymph nodes to name a few. The next one is chronic latent HIV. In this phase, inflamed lymph nodes occur. However, there are no exact sign and clinical symptoms. Lastly is the early symptomatic HIV infection, which also presents symptoms same as above for patients plus diarrhea, weight loss, oral thrush infection, and herpes zoster.

Nursing Care Plan

The nurse must be careful when dealing with patients with HIV. He or she must be cautious when it involves blood extraction and IV insertion as needle stick can be a way of transmission. Thus, an excellent nursing care plan must be implemented. First is testing of HIV which is very confidential and optional among patients. Nurses must get new consent for it. Second is health education. There are several risk factors that must serve as kind of main information and health resources to all of sexually active men and women. These includes transmission of disease through unprotected sex, having access to STD, free needle sharing (during drug sessions), and if a man is uncircumcised. Management of HIV will depend on use of anti-retrovirals. This will not cure HIV but will just control or help maintain the number of CD4 cells. Medical data about the side-effects of these drugs are nausea, headache, high glucose, breakdown of muscle to name a few. But the person with such diseases must be able to take these pills for the rest of his or her life.


HIV is not an end to one’s life. There are lots of people with HIV that live a normal life at home. A healthy lifestyle must be maintained. The viral load should be checked by the doctor every 3-4 months. While the CD4 counts must be checked every 3 or 6 months.

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