Nursing Care for Hospice Patient Singapore

Nursing Care for Hospice Patient Singapore


Hospice is a place for people or patients who are terminally ill or those who are in their final days or months of their lives. Examples of these patients are cancer patients who refused to get treatment at the hospital.

Hospice care for a patient can be catered by a health care team who are trained to do palliative care. In palliative care, the team will plan to address the patient's pain, and their holistic problems as a whole which includes spiritual, psychological and social needs regardless of age.

A good option

Caring for a terminally-ill relative can be quite a burden or stress to the caregivers and family members. The terminal stage of cancer is usually a daunting task for management and support of unwanted symptoms. End of life term support are being done in the hospice and can be a good option for the patient to lessen their burden and hardships for their illness.

Hospices can provide or help a patient and his family members the care and needs being provided in such institution. A hospice is usually a beautiful place with beautiful scenery in which families can interact. Hospice care can also be done at home or any health facility as long as there is a team who can manage the patient and of course who can travel by car to the patient's house.

Nursing Care for a Hospice Patient

Nursing staff or caregiver must meet the needs of terminal patient through quality nursing service or services. The nursing care plan is necessary since the patient is at his or her final stage. Nurses must therefore be knowledgeable in coordination of care to various people and managing the pain of patients primarily. If there are other wishes such as calling of a Priest, the nurse should contact the said personnel. The work is primarily giving the patient an opportunity to lessen the burden being felt until the day of death. For symptom that cannot be managed, the patient must be brought to the hospital.


Hospice care is indeed a peaceful place for those final moments with your loved ones. The nurse must therefore do his or her best to make this happen in cooperation with various health care providers and people involved in the wishes of the patient.

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