Nursing Care for Hip Fracture Singapore

Nursing Care for Hip Fracture Singapore


Hip fracture as from the name itself is the breaking of bones in the hip part. This can result to death due to fat embolism or travelling and dislodging of fat. This is mostly common among elderly or older people due to weaker bones, a condition called osteoporosis. There are several causes for this accident but mostly are due to natural aging process of patients such as poorer eye sight, vertigo plus the side-effects of the drugs that they are taking. This condition requires surgery to correct the fractures. According to study, this type of condition happens to a lot of elderly people every year.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors

Sign and symptoms of this condition may include excruciating pain after falling, immobility of the affected leg, loss of sensation, ten derness on the site as well as swelling. Moreover, there were other evidences, which is the shortening of the affected part.

Several main causes may be attributed to this bone fracture. First is old age which predisposes them to weaker production of calcium. Secondly, trauma may also cause this medical bone condition such as a car accident.

Other new risk factors that the patient must watch out for, besides advancing age, is the sex in which women are more prone. In such case, the estrogen levels decrease (due to issue of menopause). Another is side-effects of drugs such as steroids, which causes bone weakening according to health care staff. Other info includes inadequate intake of nutritional content such as Vitamin D and calcium, too much consumption of alcohol and cigarette, and lack of physical activity which also weakens the bone.

Nursing Care Plan for Hip Fracture

This type of condition can happen at home or in the hospital. The nurse must therefore be aware of the patient’s surroundings and the disease of the patient. A confirmation of X-ray will usually show about the fracture and other information necessary. For patients that will undergo surgery, they must be informed well on what to expect post-procedure. Usually there are several options such as a partial hip replacement or total hip replacement. There is also repair that can be done using screws. After the surgery, there is an accompanying rehabilitation among men and women. Other management for this illness includes monitoring of vital signs and observation of the site for infection by the nurs ing staff. Lastly, health teaching must be done to prevent another recurrence such as the use of non-slip slippers or rags in the comfort room, adequate lighting inside the house to have a clearer view and review in term of side-effects of medicines.


For more information, you can search for new data about hip fracture by reading article or abstract journal written by expert author in this field. This can be a preventable incident among the elderly people but not at all times so caution is advised anywhere.

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