Nursing Care for Hepatitis B Singapore

Nursing Care for Hepatitis B Singapore


Hepatitis B is an infection that targets our liver. The culprit in this disease is the HBV or hepatitis B virus. This is an incurable disease but the symptoms can be managed to decrease the low viral count. Though there is a vaccine that everyone can avail, this can still be transmitted through blood through sex or sharing of needles for example. If this viral liver disease becomes chronic, people may suffer since they are at risk of having cancer of the liver and failure of the liver to function. Both diagnosis have poor prognosis. It is still best to know people and assess them if they have a history of hepatitis.

Causes and Symptoms

Causes of HBV include unprotected sexual contact which includes semen for men or vaginal secretions, sharing of needles during drug sessions regardless of age, skip needle sticks that are accidental in nature and lastly mother to child transmission. Hepatitis can be either acute or chronic. If the symptoms occur for less than six months then it is an acute hepatitis B but if it is more than 6 months then it is a chronic hepatitis B infection.

Symptoms of hepatitis B include abdominal pain, joint pain, weight loss due to loss of appetite, fatigue, yellowing of the skin and the sclera of the eyes. Signs and symptoms may depend on the severity of the disease

Nursing Care Plan for Hepatitis B

Nursing staff should carefully provide an excellent health care plan to patients with hepatitis B. Usually, the nurse prepares a patient with hepatitis B for diagnostic procedures such as blood extractions for liver enzymes like ALT and AST. Refer to other clinical diagnostic exams related to show the liver function and information is the fibroscan as well as whole abdominal ultrasound. A patient who is diagnosed with this condition has various interventions and management. A hep a B vaccine can be given within 12 hours after exposure. If it is an acute hepatitis, the treatment is not an option since it will vanish on its own. If it’s a chronic hepatitis infection, several drugs are given. The most expensive option is a liver transplant if the main organ is damaged.


Hepatitis is not an end to your journey in life. It is still manageable and treatable nowadays.

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