Nursing Care for Headache Singapore

Nursing Care for Headache Singapore


Headache as other symptoms is very common the population. It can be due to several medical conditions such as migraine, head trauma, stroke in which there is bleeding, brain tumors that can be malignant or benign, infections, side-effects of certain new drugs, withdrawal from use of certain drugs, or it can be simply due to dehydration and hunger. Pain in the head that is occurring frequently can be a sign of life-threatening conditions and this must be checked by health care providers.

Causes of Headache

Headaches can be linked to numerous causes. The first one is dehydration. When our gene bodies lack water, we start to get irritable and it may also cause blast head pain. Another cause of headache is an ear problem. Usually, people with impacted cerumen have trouble hearing that may also cause throbbing pain in the head. Brain tumors may also affect the underlying areas of the brain and eventually may cause headache as it grows bigger. Genome Drug withdrawal may also cause headache as a side effect. Eye problem such as glaucoma can also cause it. Life-threatening condition which is common to the population is stroke or brain attack and may cause vascular headache due to hemorrhage or due to aneurysm.

Nursing Care Plan for Headache

The underlying or main cause of headache must be determined immediately and accurate assessment and diagnosis must be done by the clinical practitioner for the patient to have the best nursing care related to the root cause. Initially, the nurse must get the vital signs and a short pain assessment which includes the pain scale, duration, location of the pain. Ask for the history and data of the patient. One may also observe for objective signs that can be considered such as weakness of one side of the body, anxiety, cold sweating to name a few. Once the cause is determined, various interventions can be given. For stroke patients, thrombolytics can be given and then they will be placed in the ICU for observation. For those suffering dehydration, adequate fluid resuscitation can be established. In case of high blood pressure, medicines to lower it can also be given. In simple cases of conserved anxiety, usually anxiolytics and adequate rest are advised and the patient can be discharged. For brain tumors, it will be evaluated first if surgery can be done or on the other hand radiation therapy can also be an option for this type of diagnosis. After nursing interventions have been established, the nurse must again post evaluate the pain of the patient. If there is relief or a decrease of pain scale, then good nursing care or practice has been given.


People at home should make sure to monitor their headache. They should make sure that they get evaluation from doctors for their condition. At any given day, such headache can mean something and the view or opinion of a physician is crucial for this one. Online domains, splign reports, read book, websites and other press resources contains news and database of local information and archive about headache. For emergency cases of stroke, one must contact and call the hospital with map for help. Local database of hospitals are available in the internet to conserve energy. Man is in control of his fate. Thus eat healthy foods and exercise daily to prevent these life-threatening diagnosis.

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