Nursing Care for Fatigue Singapore

Nursing Care for Fatigue Singapore


Fatigue which can be physical or mental in nature, is common among all people who are deal ing with everyday stressors. It can also be related to medical illnesses such as hypothyroidism to name one. Among patients, this condition should also be a priority because it might be related to numerous illnesses and disease. It can happen to any client whether the young ones, man and woman or the grown-ups, regardless of gene or genome. Resources for care of patients experiencing fatigue will be discussed in this article.


Fatigue can be a symptom of many diagnosis and external factors. For the everyday stressors, it can be caused by work-related stress such as having too much tasks at work to the point of causing a burn out to the employee. Another is environment-related fatigue such as in transportation, pollution, extreme weather and noise. It can drain the employee’s energy resource in due time and might compromise his or her health.

On the other hand, it can also be due to physiological factors such as nutrient deficiency which may lead to iron deficiency anemia. It can also be due to overtraining the body during work-out and sports activities. For the medical diagnosis of patients, it can be a heart-related problem such as a hole in the heart, heart problems such as mitral valve prolapse and a lot more.

According to pubmed, in most cases, lack of sleep is the number one cause of fatigue state among people who are otherwise healthy.

Nursing Care Plan

The nurse must establish a new comprehensive nursing care plan for patients with fatigue. He or she should review the data or database of the patient. Nurses must also take the vital signs of the patient while asking for the history. The physical condition of the patient as well as work-rel ate d problems can also be scrutinized to establish a clinical history. Once established, the nurse can view the main problem and help the patient cope with his condition. The nurse can advise the patient to conserve energy. The patient must avoid strenuous activities. He or she may read a book, surf the internet online, read news and report in the web to name a few. The nurse must also search for the end side-effects of the medicines the patient is taking since this may be the cause of the fatigue. Last but not least, frequent rest must always be encouraged for energy conservation outcomes.


People who are prone to fatigue must practice to use their energy in fruitful activities. They must take vitamins, eat a healthy diet, and try to exercise at home for at least 30 minutes of their time per day. This will enhance their life expectancy and their ability to be productive.

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