Nursing Care for Epilepsy Singapore

Nursing Care for Epilepsy Singapore


Epilepsy is a health condition that causes interruption of the cell activities of the brain. The symptoms for epilepsy are usually seizures among children and adults. There can also be loss of consciousness. The sign symptoms of seizure have different classifications for various kinds of patients. Proper diagnosis and treatment must be given to these people for them to live an independent life.

Causes and Symptoms

Fifty percent of epilepsy has no definite main cause while the other half can be related to specific form or causes. This includes the primary gene of the patient which he or she might share from his parents or grandparents with history of epilepsy. Another is trauma to the brain. Stroke among older patients can also cause epilepsy. Bacterial and viral infections can also cause this new illness.

General clinical symptoms of seizure include staring an aura before an attack, confusion, jerking movements of the upper and lower limbs and loss of consciousness. There are several types of seizures that may occur among patients. These include absence seizure, tonic-clonic seizures, and myoclonic seizures.

Nursing Care Plan for Seizure

The staff nurse must practice and provide quality nursing care by creating excellent care plans. First is safety which must be a priority by the nurses. The nurse must help the patient to be in a safe environment when seizure occurs. Safety precautions include raising the side rails and removing harmful objects around the patient's bed. The nurse must also have access to use of anti-seizure drugs per doctor's order. This is for the nurse to act and give the drug quickly via IV or intravenous route during episodes of seizure.

Seizures usually last from a few seconds to less than a minute. The nurse must also record and document this episode. Treatment may include anti-seizure drugs in the form of tablets. Surgery is also an option or management depending on the origin of the seizure.

The nursing professional must also help the pati ent undergo several diagnostic procedures and services such as brain imaging scans (CT-Scan, MRI, PET), blood exams and EEG. This can be confirmed by a brain specialist called a neurologist who is professionals in this field.


Seizure is a manageable illness. During episodes of seizure, safety will always be the priority. News, information and learning resources can be accessed in the internet. For episodes of seizure at home, contact the nearest hospital for ambulance service.

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