Nursing Care for Emphysema Singapore

Nursing Care for Emphysema Singapore


Emphysema is one of the respiratory disorders that make up COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, amongst other lung conditions like bronchitis especially for old age patients. COPD affects the airway of the lungs resulting in breathing difficulties particularly cancer patient. The leading cause of emphysema today is smoking.

Nursing care for emphysema in Singapore provides comprehensive clinical care to patients suffering from this lung diseases condition. The primary aim of the emphysema nursing care plans in Singapore is to help meet the health care requirements of these patients. A respiratory nurse in particular plays a key role in the treatment and management of patients with emphysema and COPD. Generally, registered and trained nurses are employed in this specialised field.

What is Emphysema?

The most important symptom of emphysema is breathing difficulty. A patient may experience shortness of breath from some strenuous activities at first. However, as the emphysema progresses further, the breathlessness gradually increases to an inability to breathe even when at rest. The Lung function test, Chest X-ray, and CT scan of the lungs are likely to help with the diagnosis of Emphysema. Hence, nursing care for Emphysema in Singapore includes managing the emphysema or COPD patients with appropriate medical plans and drug interventions to ease their breathing difficulties. Additionally, a respiratory nurse is also expected to know the different diagnostic techniques and their correct interpretations to help with an emphysema diagnosis.

What happens in Emphysema?

Damaged alveoli or air sacs in the lungs are considered as the most important sign of Emphysema. Such damage is related to progressive shortness of breath in patients with emphysema. Normally, the air sacs are placed in close groups resembling a bunch of grapes inside the lungs. Emphysema makes the walls of these air sacs weak from the inside. In due course, these walls break to form larger air sacs instead of numerous small sacs. Such changes are related to a reduction in the lungs surface area, con sequently lowering the blood oxygen levels to cause breathing difficulties.

Nursing care for Emphysema in Singapore

Nursing care for Emphysema in Singapore covers the medical needs, clinical assessment, and health care assistance related to the symptoms of patients suffering from this respiratory condition. It is important that patients suffering from this respiratory condition get suitable and timely treatment at the hospital as well as at home. This is where the expertise of a registered respiratory nurse in Singapore comes in use.

Here’s what nursing care for Emphysema in Singapore entails.

• Formulation of a treatment plan and timely administration of the emphysema drugs to the patients of emphysema or COPD in the In-patient department.

• Maintain and update the patient log regularly.

• Monitor the respiratory functions, related clinical signs, and laboratory test findings of the patient.

• Track the possibilities of complications related to COPD.

• Help the patient with chest physiotherapy, postural drainage, and other required exercises and manoeuvres related to emphysema.

• Stay in contact with the patient and his/her family, answer their queries and help them get used to the lifestyle adjustments required for COPD or emphysema.

• Stay abreast of the new advances about emphysema in the research journals and news as well.

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