Nursing Care for Ectopic Pregnancy Singapore

Nursing Care for Ectopic Pregnancy Singapore


Ectopic pregnancy happens when the fertilized ovum gets implanted outside the uterine cavity. In majority of these cases, the ovum grows in the fallopian tube, gaining it the name tubal pregnancies. On some occasions, this happens in the cervix, abdominal cavity or ovary. This is dangerous for both fetus and mother. Some observed causes of ectopic pregnancies are as follows: damage to the fallopian tube or a history of pelvic inflammations, gene and hormonal abnormalities, medical conditions or birth defects affecting reproductive organs. Any sexually active woman capable of childbearing is at risk of ectopic pregnancy. One sign of having this is vaginal bleeding that’s either lighter or heavier than normal. Bladder or bowel complications, dizziness, weakness and pain, like a stab, in the pelvic area or any body part, can also be observed. Data reveals that 1 out of 50 pregnancies may be ectopic. The role of the human genome in the occurrence of ectopic pregnancies is yet to be studied.

Nursing Care for Ectopic Pregnancy Singapore

This type of pregnancy must be detected early on. If not, there’s a smaller chance of future fertility and, in worst case, increased likelihood of morbidity. However, to end ectopic pregnancy means to remove the pregnancy itself, causing tremendous psychological impact to the family. Nursing management happens before and after the procedure for the pregnancy termination, in or outside the home.

Women in this condition need special care from highly skilled nurses, who are able to diagnose and plan medical care ahead to bring back patient’s optimum health the soonest time possible. They also function as companions and consultants to the patients, providing them needed support to cope with the loss of pregnancy. They’ll be responsible in monitoring vital signs like blood pressure, help with pain management through medicines or the use of other relaxation techniques, and educate the patient with the process she is undergoing. All these, and more, are what our nurses can do.

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