Nursing Care for Divreticulitis Singapore

Nursing Care for Divreticulitis Singapore


Diverticulitis is a clinical condition that occurs when the diverticula becomes inflamed. Diverticula can be seen usually in our large bowel (also known as colon) as it form the lining of our gastro intestinal tract. The inflammation of our diverticula often occurs to age 40 and above. Usually, the inflammation is due to infection. It can ca use several symptoms. Treatment requires hospitalization but recurrence of this condition requires surgical intervention.

Diverticulosis is different as there is an out pouching or bulging of the diverticula without inflammation.

Symptoms and Cause

Several signs and symptoms can be seen among patients with diverticulitis. First is constant pain. There will be tenderness in the abdomen specifically in the lower left side of the abdomen. Moreover, due to infection, there will be low fever. Vomiting may occur as well as constipation. Diarrhea with blood in the stool can be seen at home as well to those with diverticular inflammation.

Main cause of diverticulitis is related to tearing of the diverticula due to weakness in the lining of the int estinal tract.

Nursing Care Plan for Diverticulitis

Diverticulitis is usually acute in nature meaning the attack is sudden and short-term. The nurse will usually help the patient undergo through series of test to arrive with a certain diagnosis. The medical doctor will usually order Abdominal X-Ray, CT-scan or stool and urine samples. Colonoscopy can also be done to rule out other diagnosis. For the interventions, treatment and management, the nurse must frequently assess the patient. Antibiotics must be given in time. Vital sign monitoring is also a must. The nurse should also instruct the patient with the diet ordered. Usually liquid diet is ordered until the colon can heal itself. Pain management is also important. The nurse should assess the patient for pain and report it to the physician. For worsening divert iculitis, the nurse should monitor the patient for new peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum), abscess formation and bowel obstruction on the site. Lastly, if the disease is not healing, surgery may be an option.


Diverticulitis can affect people specifically their health. Nurses must be aware of their condition in order to help them regain their stamina. For more information about this condition, news and other health resources are available online.

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