Nursing Care for Dialysis Singapore

Nursing Care for Dialysis Singapore


Dialysis or hemodialysis (HD) is a procedure in which a machine would filter waste products from the blood. This includes fluid, salts and other stuff that are not needed by the body. This procedure is usually used among kidney or renal failure patients. Those whose kidneys are not working are candidates for this kind of treatment.

This clinical regimen must be followed strictly by the patient plus accompanying healthy lifestyle and diet, regardless of their age. The doctor usually plans the frequency of the related procedure and the nursing staff will carry out the orders. Hemodialysis can be done in a clinic, medical school or in a hospital setting.

Process for Hemodialysis

A patient suspected of kidney failure must find time to travel to visit a medical centre to get a comprehensive assessment. Usually there are symptoms for kidney failure which includes decreased in urine output, fatigue, nausea and vomiting to name a few. Lab tests will also show the info that there are abnormal blood values. Thus patients must learn to have their site work up. They must view their health as an important tool for happiness and career success.

Once a patient is a candidate for hemodialysis, the doctor would require the patient to undergo a minor operation which is an AV fistula creation or access done in either right or left arm of the patient. Then it will be healed at home until ready for use.

Nursing Care Plan for Hemodialysis

Nurses who care for a patient undergoing hemodialysis is usually on an outpatient basis. However, some patients require another degree of hemodialysis which can be done in ICU especially if the patient is in critical condition. For a pati ent confirmed with kidney failure, the nurse must contact the health care team as ordered to schedule and plan the new AVF creation or access. The nurse must also monitor the weight of the patient, the intake and output per shift and by giving med icines that are needed by the patient. Once there is an access, the patient can be referred to the HD unit. Usually, a hemodialysis nurse will assist the patient and work on necessary interventions. An HD nurse will usually monitor the vital sign of the patient while hooked to the machine. The HD nurse will also enter, register and log the values into the machine and email to their doctors.


Hemodialysis has evolved over time and has helped a lot of patients with kidney failure. HD nursing is a one of the jobs that is in demand among hospitals. A registered nurse is trained for this kind of job. Caring for a patient with kidney failure is one of their expertise.

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