Nursing Care for Diabetes Singapore

Nursing Care for Diabetes Singapore


Diabetes, also called as diabetes mellitus, occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body cannot utilize the insulin effectively. This chronic disease then leads to hyperglycemia, or the increased concentration of glucose in the patient’s bloodstream. This often manifests in the disturbances in the levels of protein, carbohydrate, and fat metabolism.

For diabetic patients who want to receive exclusive care at home, we provide nursing care for diabetes Singapore services. We assure you that we only have experienced and reliable nurses on board.

Types of Diabetes

There are various types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is the condition where there is not enough insulin produced in the body. It increases the risks of patients to ketoacidosis. Type 2 diabetes is characterized by the body’s inability to use insulin effectively. Most patients with this condition are obese.

There are other types of diabetes caused by a genetic defect, exposure to certain chemicals or drugs, or endocrinopathies. Another type, called the gestational diabetes mellitus, happens to pregnant women. However, their glucose tolerance levels usually go back to normal after giving birth.

Nursing Goals

Nurses who are looking after patients with a diabetes mellitus diagnosis have to develop goals for their nursing care plan. They have to restore acid-base and fluid/electrolyte balance; reverse or correct metabolic deficiencies, help with the management of underlying causes, prevent complications, and act as the source of education for the patients about their prognosis, treatment, and self-care needs.

Nursing Interventions

So, what can a patient expect from their nurse?

Our nurses have the important role of being the patient’s support in restoring their good health by trying to manage diabetes, even the advanced type, and its possible complications. They have to create a program of nursing interventions to keep the condition under control or to ensure the prevention of diabetes, in some patients’ cases.

Nurses have to obtain the patient’s weight every day and set up a diet and eating plan. They have to auscultate bowel sounds, take note of the occurrence of bloating and abdominal pain, vomiting, and nausea. It is also their job to help the patient fast as indicated. Since patients may be required to maintain a liquid diet, nurses have to ensure that the program is put to practice. They have to get the patient’s family involved in looking after a patient’s state of digestion. Nurses also need to observe for any signs of hypoglycemia, such as rapid pulse, skin coldness or moist, changes in their level of consciousness, sensitivity to stimuli, hunger, headaches, and anxiety. They have to keep monitoring the patien t’s blood sugar, give them their insulin treatment, and work with dietitians.

How We Can Help

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