Nursing Care for Depression Singapore

Nursing Care for Depression Singapore


Depression is a condition among people in which the patient always feels depressed or sad. Other names include major depressive disorder and clinical depression. The outcomes of depression may affect the activities of patients which include their daily living and mingling with their family. Usually patients feel like it's the end of the world, that there is too much pain to bear among them. There is treat ment for depression. This illness can be reversed through professional medical management.

Symptoms and Causes

Various sign and symptoms of depression are evident among men and women as well as the children and old age adult. Besides being sad, there is loss of excitement, sleep abnormalities (either too much or less sleep), change in eating habits, and last but not the least is a plan to do suicide. This is very common among teenagers.

There are several causes of depression with primary cause mostly attributed to biochemical factors in our brain. First cause is of course through gene. People who have relatives with cases of depression may likely to acquire it. Another thing is the brain chemicals in our brain which may cause several mental and mood disorders including depression. A decrease in serotonin may cause depression. Lastly, hormones may able to contribute to the main cause of depression.

Nursing Care Plan for Depression

If someone is confined due to depression, usually psychiatric nurses handle these types of patients. They are trained and can able to practice and use their specialization among them. Besides the patient’s well-being or promoting health, the nurse must prioritize safety by focusing on suicide prevention. According to data and healthcare resources, suicide is very prevalent among depressed people. The nurse must carefully assess the patient and ask if there are any suicidal ideations. If so, the nurse must remove all objects that may harm the patient which includes sharps, rope, and harmful chemicals. The staff can reverse this by giving time to the patient with the support of the patient’s family and friends. The staff can provide fruitful sessions or new interactions that may help the patient realize a sense of importance and hope. Lastly, anti-depressants as ordered may help the patient greatly but instruct the patient that this may take effect after 2 weeks so patience is a must when taking these drugs. Lastly, in our view, health education must be included in the plan of care.


In order to treat depression, the patient must be supported by their family members. They must also be looked after at home. The nurse can do a follow-up and may visit the patient for home care service by car. The nurse must make sure that medicines are being taken.

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