Nursing Care for Dementia Singapore

Nursing Care for Dementia Singapore


Dementia refers to a wide array of clinical symptoms that affects the ability of a person to remember, think and socialize with other people to the point that they are not capable of being independent. Thus they need help and support mostly with their activities of daily living at home. Dementia is not view as an illness or a disease.

Usually, older people get diagnosed with dementia. We must learn on how to provide and guide patients with such condition. A popular type is those diagnosed with condition of Alzheimer’s. Memory loss is not only a part of dementia but there is an additional set of symptoms that a patient living with this condition one may find and learn.

Symptoms and Causes

Several brain changes that produce several symptoms may affect a person with dementia. This includes loss of memory to a great extent, forgetting past events and information, inability to communicate with others due to lack of words, and being not able to find their way back to their residential homes. There are also a level of apprehension and agitation due to their current state.

There are several causes of dementia. As we age, it is normal that our brain cells also becomes affected thus memory loss is normal. However, there are several types that worsen over time. Examples of these are Alzheimer disease (caused by plaques called beta-amyloid), vascular dementia (caused by inadequate flow of blood into our brain), Parkinson's disease, and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease to name a few.

Nursing Care Plan for Dementia

The plan of care for a patient with dementia is quite challenging among the family members and the medical staff. For the outpatient diagnostic work up, the doctor or specialist may order several exams to confirm diagnosis of dementia and its specific type. The nurse must prepare the patient for these mental and diagnostic tests. For the independent nursing actions, the nurse must make sure that the patient will wear an ID especially if there are episodes of wandering. The nurse must also establish a trusting relationship with the client by making an eye contact, use of kind gestures to name a few. Nurses should also plan on how to orient the family members with the patient. This will give them the knowledge on what to do to reduce the occurrence of disorientation. Lastly, they must support the patient with their new life with activities of daily living because time will come that these patients will need a dependent guide.


Family members basically must know how to care for their loved ones with dementia. Nursing home services are available in some places. Heath care news and article to live healthy life can be accessed in the internet for more information.

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