Nursing Care for Dehydration Singapore

Nursing Care for Dehydration Singapore


Dehydration is a condition across all ages in which there is a decreased body fluid volume or loss of body fluid which usually occurs during excessive temperature, usually during summer. A person will get dehydrated once the loss fluid or water is not replaced immediately. Thus frequent hydration is always advised at all times most especially at extremes of age, the infants and very old people who are very prone to it. Thirst is the first sign of dehydration.

Common Causes

Dehydration has lots of causes due to various factors. Exercising under the extreme heat will immediately deplete the safe ratio of fluid from our bodies. Thus one must not abuse himself during hot weather. Another cause is due to extreme vomiting and diarrhea which causes an imbalance of our electrolytes such as potassium and sodium.


Besides thirst, the patient may experience dry mouth, less urine output, the skin becomes dry, headache is evident, weight loss due to loss of body fluid all of which are related to the side effects of dehydration. Dehydratio n may lead to medical emergency especially to the old people. It may lead to heat stroke. Thus patients at risk must be brought immediately to the nearest hospital for management and treatment.

Nursing Care Plan

Nursing care plan for a patient who is dehydrated is aimed at restoring body fluid by increased intake or infusion of fluids. An IV access must be done immediately to the patient since this is the fastest mode of fluid resuscitation. Vital signs monitoring must also be monitored while infusion of new add fluid is ongoing. Accurate history should also be taken by the physician for additional resources and information. For patients with heat stroke, they may be placed in a bed surrounded with ice or cooling blanket to stabilize the temperature. Once on fluid infusion, the nurse must monitor the urine output, the skin turgor, and vital signs of the patient. Log all of the data to the main chart of the patient. Teach the patient about proper fluid intake and must eat nutrition food that are rich in water such as watermelon for example.


Dehydration can turn into a serious health condition if people won't recognize and act on it. Everyone should practice drinking a lot of water whether at home or at work. Lastly, avoid going out when there is extreme heat. Use a cab instead of walking. Search for cold places such as the mall for immediate relaxation. This will prevent dehydration in long term.

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