Nursing Care for Cystic Fibrosis Singapore

Nursing Care for Cystic Fibrosis Singapore


Cystic fibrosis is a health condition that targets the lungs and digestive system. Patients with this medical issue carry a gene, particularly a defective type of protein called CFTR, that causes the secretions of sweat, mucus, and digestive juices to be sticky and thick, instead of the normal slippery and thin. As a result, the secretions end up plugging passageways and tube ducts, particularly in the pancreas and lungs. Those who are diagnosed with the condition can avail of our nursing care for cystic fibrosis Singapore.

All About Cystic Fibrosis

Respiratory symptoms of cystic fibrosis include breathlessness, wheezing, persistent coughing, repeated lung infection, exercise intolerance, and a stuffy nose. Digestive symptoms, on the other hand, include poor weight gain and growth, foul-smelling and greasy stools, severe constipation, and intestinal blockage.

Cystic fibrosis is a hereditary condit ion. Children have to carry one copy of the defective gene from each parent to inherit the disease. Cystic fibrosis in a child may make him or her prone to an ear disease.

Risks further increase if a patient has a family history or belongs to a race prone to suffering from cystic fibrosis, such those white people with Northern European roots, according to research.

The diagnostic test for newborns and the one for children and adults are different. Newborns have to undergo genetic testing and a sweat test, while older patients who were not screened at birth have to take the same tests once symptoms start to show.

How Nursing Care Plans Can Help

Patients who are in search for nurses who can give them nursing care for cystic fibrosis Singapore at home can use our agency in getting private care and treatment. Don’t worry, our medical staff have completed proper training and education in providing the medication and therapy that you need.

First, they have to collect patient data to come up with a nursing care plan and use it like a treatment map, like a pro should. Their main duties include ensuring lung function to remain as normal as possible by unblocking airways and managing respiratory infections, administering nutritional therapy, and controlling complications.

These nurses have to administer medications used to treat cystic fibrosis, such as mucolytics, bronchodilators, anti-inflammatory agents, and more.

How We Can Reach Out to Patients and Nurses

If you’re looking for a nurse who can provide a clinical level of help even at home, our nursing service will deliver. They are well-trained and educated in handling cystic fibrosis cases.

If you’re a nurse looking for patients, you can log in to our site and view our content, which act as helpful resources of new information for nurses who want to find good employers.

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