Nursing Care for Coronary Artery Disease Singapore

Nursing Care for Coronary Artery Disease Singapore


Coronar y artery disease or CAD on a preview is when the arteries of the heart become narrowed than it’s normal size as well as losing its elasticity. Atherosclerosis is the definite term to describe the build-up of plaque on the walls of the vascular arteries. When the plaque completely blocks the arteries of the heart, no blood flow, heart attack can occur. Or when it dislodges and travels to the brain, a stroke may occur. CAD is the number one killer in North America and is one of the most causes of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Causes and tests for CAD

Cor onary artery disease takes a very long time to develop. Usually, men and women in their 50’s and above age experience this kind of health problem. Men are usually at high risk than women due to lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol intake and their jobs. The build-up of bad cholesterol takes time to clog the arteries of the heart. However, people should also be aware of the presenting symptoms such as chest pain or angina that occurs frequently. Prevention is better than cure so one must sign up for executive check-up for patients to have peace of mind. Several of the tests may include ECG, 2d-ECHO, and stress test. Angiogram is the best way to determine blockage.

Nursing interventions for CAD

A good nursing care plan is very vital for the treatment of CAD. Vital signs must always be a part of the routine among patients. Administering high flow oxygen and use medicines that dissolves the plaque (per doctor’s order) can also help the patient by the nurse in charge. The main goal of treatment is usually to search for the blockage and perform an invasive catheterization if the blockage is almost big to compromise the health of the patient. In study, nurses should monitor the patient post-operatively in order to provide the best care for them. They should give the medicines in time and to always look for abnormal heart rhythms courtesy of the telemetry nurse. Health education and providing resources to these patients are also part of the nursing care plan for CAD. Home service can also be provided for the continuity of care.


Man versus food is the ultimate battle for heart problems. Medical exams must be done once symptoms are being experienced. A lot of news nowadays share acute situations of heart attack and stroke among various age groups. For the rest of us, we must not take for granted our health because literally, health is wealth.

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