Nursing Care for Colostomy Singapore

Nursing Care for Colostomy Singapore


Colostomy came from the word Colo = colon and Ostomy = creation of opening. Thus, there is a creation of opening in abdomen (called stoma) and then the other end of the colon is attached to the abdominal wall. A pouch can be attached to the end of stoma to collect the stools. This procedure is usually done among cancer patients but can also be done to other forms of disease.

Surgical Procedure

This surgery is being done in a hospital and usually a major kind of operative procedure. The patient is put on anesthesia or sleep. The colostomy will provide a means for another way to have bowel defecation for the pat ient. Colostomy is not permanent. The surgeon can still detached the colon from the abdominal wall and re-attached it again inside.

Reasons for Colostomy

Clinical information about the reasons for colostomy may vary. It can be due to complications such as infection in the abdomen or injury for example. This will allow the bowel to heal. Another is if there is sign of blockage in the site of the abdomen of a patient which is common among colon cancer patients. In view of that, the surgeon will usually do a resection to cut the part with a tumor. Lastly, wounds around the rectum would warrant a colostomy as a plan of the surgeon.

Nursing Care Plan

Nurs ing care plan of a nurse for a patient for colostomy must be preparing the patient for surgery. The nurse must contact and coordinate the surgery to the OR team. Post operative, the nurse must assess the wound of the patient. The new stoma is normally reddish on the skin on the first day. The nurse should also guide the patient’s diet. Usually nothing is allowed to be taken during the first 24 hours. Then clear fluids can be introduced until thicker fluids and soft foods can be tolerated after several days. This change in diet is important. Another health teaching or health education, topics to consider is for the patient to practice changing his or her colostomy pouch so once ready for discharge, the patient can help himself at home. The use of col ostomy pouch is important for these kinds of patient.


Colostomy is a type of surgery that is important for the management and treatment of certain illness and disease. People who are candidates for colostomy can get health services by going to the hospital. Patients can find free News, resources, content on the internet.

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