Nursing Care for Chronic Renal Failure Singapore

Nursing Care for Chronic Renal Failure Singapore

What is Chronic Renal Failure?

Our kidneys’ main function is the filtration of waste and excess fluid in our body. As blood enters the kidney, it goes through small blood vessels which filter it. The waste are then excreted from our body as urine.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or Chronic Renal Failure happens when the kidneys’ function gradually impairs. It’s a disease we often read in news article - not new and more common than thought, with patients being able to notice the symptoms only when it’s become prominent and damage is irreversible. Age has been shown as a risk factor to develop CKD. Most common early signs and symptoms may include anemia, loss of appetite, blood in urine, more frequent urination, changes in urine output, muscle cramps, headaches, edema, erectile dysfunction (for men) and itchy skin. High blood pressure can also be another sign. When CKD progresses to end stage kidney failure, the patient will need to undergo either artificial dialysis or kidney transplant to increase survival chances.

Nursing Care for Chronic Renal Failure Singapore

Several nursing care plans are available depending on the severity of your condition and other health factors. The main goals of nurses are to monitor changes, assess, prevent further complications like decreased output of cardiac system (changes in rhythm and heart rate) and help patient with pain management. If you’re undergoing dialysis, a well trained nurse is the best to help you prepare for it even when you’re staying at home. Nursing care for Chronic Renal Failure Singapore is important so that there’s a medical professional who’s able to monitor your vital signs regularly, coordinate with your doctor and make sure that you maintain your medicines. They can accompany you when you take a clinical test and help interpret the results, then plan a nursing intervention program.

Finding a Nurse

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