Nursing Care for Chest Pain Singapore

Nursing Care for Chest Pain Singapore


Chest pain can be a symptom of a lot of disease or illness of a patient. In most cases it is usually an emergency case that needs immediate management or hospital treatment. In some cases, ch est pain is not a harmful health problem since not all chest pains come from the heart. Thus, careful clinical assessment and diagnosis must be done by doctors and nurses in order to rule out acute myocardial infarction or heart attack among these patients.

Are all chest pains dangerous?

Chest pain that originates from the heart is called an angina. While chest pain that originates from the muscles of the chest and ribs is called costochondritis or inflammation of the upper ribs usually common with people who lift weights or do strenuous activities. If any chest pain is accompanied by shortness of breath, difficulty of breathing, chest heaviness, extreme anxiety, they must call and contact the emergency department of the hospital for the use of ambulance services as soon as possible. Medical staff will gather the information and share it to their EMT in order to search and rescue the patient.

Nursing interventions for chest pain

Nursing care for chest pain is very important. For cases of heart attack, the nurse must immediately give oxygen to the patient. Morphine if ordered can also be administered to allay anxiety and pain. Three aspirins must also be given and chewed immediately as well as three clopidogrels to dilute the circulating blood and hopefully the blocked fat that can be located in the coronary artery of the he art. For patients with chest pain that is a muscle strain in nature, pain relievers and muscle relaxants can be administered. These are not life-threatening conditions and can be differentiated by ECG machines. Nurs ing plan must also include constant vital signs which includes oxygen saturation, blood pressure, pulse, respiration and temperature.


A lot of news and new article nowadays pertain to patient found dead at their own home which is related to heart disease which is the number one health problem in around the world. Citizens should view this as a warning. They must practice healthy lifestyle, log their plans, sign up for exercise regimens for their full benefits. Cardiovascular journal and associations recommend people to have a balanced diet which is one of the most critical factor in preventing heart attack. Other factors may include smoking, sedentary lifestyle, drinking alcohol too much to name a few. This form of illness can be easily prevented if we are conscious with what we do with our health.

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