Nursing Care for Cesarean Section Singapore

Nursing Care for Cesarean Section Singapore


Complications in pregnancy could sometimes lead doctors to advice Caesarean section as means of delivery to their patients. C-section is a surgical procedure that involves making incisions in the mother’s womb skin, abdomen and uterus to retrieve the baby. This surgery could be planned ahead, especially in cases wherein pregnancy complications have been detected beforehand, or patient have a C-section history and wouldn’t want to undergo vaginal birth. C-section can also be advised during labor, if the mother is having difficulty in delivering the baby or there are health risks associated with the baby itself.

Nursing Care for Cesarean Section Singapore

There are a lot of risks-both physical and emotional, after this operation. Women could undergo acute pain due to the wound. They are also risks of infection and injury. Anxiety is also present. So, caring for women who have undergone a Cesare an section calls for the needs of skilled nurse - from hospital to home.

When looking for a nurse, one must look for those who have good education and is capable enough to provide quality medical service to a woman in the postpartum stage. A qualified nurse should be able to administer the medicine needed by the patient at certain hours and use only proven nursing practices. They’ll take the responsibility of making diagnoses from time to time, monitor patient for any signs of infection in the wounded area and administer medical procedures if needed. They help alleviate the pain by assessing its level as experienced by the patient, then explaining the causes for the condition. For mothers who are taking a bed rest or are breastfeeding, it would be helpful to hire as well to advice you with what you need.

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