Nursing Care for Cerebral Palsy Singapore

Nursing Care for Cerebral Palsy Singapore


Cerebral Palsy or CP as they call it is a nervous system or neurological disorder or disease that affects the brain of children that usually occurs prior to being born. Thus, it happens to unborn infants inside the womb of the mother. The sign and symptoms of cerebral palsy often show during 1-3 years old up to 3-6 years old for the child.

Symptoms and Causes

Physical development is a problem among Cerebral Palsy patients. One common presentation among cerebral palsy patients are the involuntary muscle movements, lack of control and tremors. Their arms are usually contracted thus they have physical difficulties which includes eating and drinking. Cerebral Palsy patients also drool and they cannot swallow properly. Other problems may include mental problems, that may delay their learning capabilities and which can also due to their sight and hearing dilemmas. Thus, it is a full time job to take care of them day to day at homes until they become old. They need help in every aspect so as to avoid any type of injury most especially at home.

The causes of Cerebral Palsy can be due to the following. It can be due to new infections of the mother during pregnancy. Infections to the infants or local head injury may also be a cause. Lastly, the clinical cause can be due to gene defects.

Nursing Care for Cerebral Palsy

A nursing care or health plan for these kinds of patient is a challenging one. The service or services as well as the act of the staff must be in accordance to the patient's condition. The priority care for these patients is safety. Thus the nurse must institute ways to protect the patient. The child must have a guardian or a care giver whom can look after the child 24 hours a day. Depending on the body stiffness, the physician may give the child some muscle relaxants. The doctor can also contact and give an advice to the parents to refer their child to the rehab department for physical, occupation and speech or language therapy.


For any sign or symptom of cerebral palsy among your children, kindly report back to health authorities for proper evalu ation. The nursing staff can assist your child for proper evaluation and care.

News, article press release, listing, and info about cerebral palsy are available online. Just browse the menu and different folder to search for treatments options, including idol awards and map to travel by car. Comments can also be given at the website. Some support groups are also available to assist you.

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