Nursing Care for Cataract Singapore

Nursing Care for Cataract Singapore


Cataract came from the latin word cataracta which means waterfall. Thus with people or patients with this eye condition, they see a blurry or cloudy vision. It's just like looking inside a waterfall. This makes it challenging for old people with such condition to do their daily house chores such as cleaning the house, reading books or even driving a car. Cataracts usually do not develop immediately. It takes time before the vision or visual condition becomes foggy or cloudy.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors

Sign and symptoms of cataracts among patients with such disease may include a vision that is compromised because of clouding, blurring or dimming of the lens of the eyes. Thus, they have a difficult time seeing during the night. Other signs and symptoms may include such as halos around lights, doubling of vision, light sensitivity amongst others.

According to clinical studies and data, cataract of the eyes are due to old age which alters the structure of the lens making it prone to break, become thicker and less clear. Other causes include inborn cataract due to defects in gene structure such as DNA or RNA. Other causes of cataracts may be due to comorbidity such as diabetes. Trauma to the eye can also develop into a cataract. Lastly, use of certain drugs such as corticosteroids may lead to cataract.

Besides family history and increasing age, other main risk factors of cataract may include excessive chemical intake of alcohol and cigarette which is common to men. Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity may also increase the risk of having this condition according to med ical journal.

Nursing Care Plan for a Patient with Cataract

Usually cataracts can be diagnosed in clinics of ophthalmologists. Thus, the nurse must contact the patient from their home and arrange the schedule. The nurse must also give information about the test preparations to patients. Certain tests for cataract may include a retinal exam, slit-lamp exam and visual acuity test. Once confirmed by the physician, the patient can be a candidate for surgery. This surgical procedure can be done through outpatient basis. Pre operative procedures may include applying a local anesthesia to numb the eyes. After the procedure, there will be a normal mild pain for a few days. Medicine such as analgesia can be taken by the patient and antibiotics for prophylaxis. The post operative healing period of the surgery will usually take up to 2 months. Health teachings policy for patients with cataract t may include getting an exact lens prescription, avoid reading in dim areas, wearing sunglasses outside, and by driving at night sparingly to prevent foreseeable accidents.


Cataract treatment can be fixed as soon as possible. A visit to the ophthalmologist once with symptoms is very important. If you want to read more about it, there are info, news, and article about it in the internet.

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