Nursing Care for Cancer Singapore

Nursing Care for Cancer Singapore


Cancer is also one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality according to World Health Organization (WHO). Around 14 million people around the globe were diagnosed with cancer and this will be expected to rise in the next 20 years. Top cases of cancer include lung, breast, colorectal and gastrointestinal to name a few. Various known causes have been linked to cancer according to various research and resources. Both men and women mostly adults get cancer. Pediatric cancer is also prevalent. Oncology treatment is now better among cancer patients and more options are present and available. Oncology is the medical term for study of field of cancer.

Causes and Symptoms

Cause of cancer can be attributed to genetic factor plus 3 other external agents according to WHO. The three main agents are physical, chemical and biological agents. Physical agents are in the form of ultraviolet and ionizing radiation for example. Chemical agents may include nicotine from smoke, asbestos, aflatoxin from peanuts for example. Lastly, biologic carcinogens may include microorganisms that may lead to cancer.

There are main symptoms of cancer that you can find online which is based on research. These includes loss of weight, a sore that does not heal, pain in a specific site, fatigue, a lump that can be felt under the skin, hoarseness, persistent joint or muscle pain, unexplained bleeding to name a few.

Nursing Care Plan for a Cancer Patient

The nursing care plan for a cancer patient can be quite daunting especially if the patient is in the terminal stage which requires special kind of caring and services. Palliative services can be availed in the hospital in which the palliative doctor can help these kinds of patients die with less pain and unwanted symptoms. This is also known as end of life care or mental support. For those undergoing clinical treatment, the nurse must safely conduct and administer anti-cancer medicines known as chemotherapy. The nurse can also assist or help the patient during surgical procedures or their radiation therapy depending on the site of cancer. Nurses can also provide information and resources about various new clinical trials available for a certain kind of medical cancer diagnosis. Lastly, pain is an issue for cancer patients. Info and program about this pain management service must be available for contact in the home, hospital, clinic, work or community.


Nurses must practice the art of taking care of the holistic health of a cancer patient as it is expected to increase in the near future. Articles and news are available as well as educational fact sheets for all people interested with cancer. Health education is important among people across all ages.

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