Nursing Care for Autism Singapore

Nursing Care for Autism Singapore


Autism is a disorder in aspects of development and neurological progress. It is not yet clear why this disorder appeared among children but according to data, it is becoming more prevalent nowadays in homes. It is also classified under ASD or autism spectrum disorders. It can be usually seen in a child as early as 2 years old as there are a few recognizable symptoms among them. There is no main cure for autism yet but there are several options and service that can be availed to improve the symptoms among the diagnosed children.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors of Autism

Sign and symptoms of autism can be observed among the young ones as early as the infancy stage. First of all is their lack of interest in their environment. They do not have eye contact and fails to learn on how to speak. They also like to press or to hold on something with a certain texture that they prefer. Most of the infants who are diagnosed as autistic are slow to catch with the children they are of the same age. They have delayed social and mental development. However, autistic kids have varying degree of learning capabilities. Some have mild mental retardation while other are exceptionally gifted. Male autistic children tend to have better development than female autistic kids.

There is no exact known medical cause for autism. However, genetic disposition and environmental causes may influence the cause of autism. For the environmental factors, scientists advise that microorganisms such as a virus may alter the normal development of the fetus in the womb of the mother. For the gene problems, such syndromes like Rett syndrome may give rise to ASD. Vaccines provide health protection to children and do not cause autism which plagues the news and press in the past.

Nursing Care Plan for Patients with ASD

It is quite a difficult job or work to care for a patient with autism especially for the parents. However, the nurse can still use or implement various care plans in various situations. Diagnostic tests for autism may include EEG, hearing test, MRI map, and they may be evaluated by a child developmental specialists. The nursing staff can also refer the parents to various community resources such as SPED or special education, speech pathologists and occupation therapist who are providers of various tools to help these special children. During sickness, the nurse can ask the parents for the type of disease or sickness the child complains. Mostly, autistic children are lenient in telling their symptoms to their parents than to strangers. For parents (men and women) , the nurse can do a health teaching advice about the normal social and mental milestones or awards act for an infant up to reaching 2 years old.


The care for patients with ASD is quite a challenge for health care practitioners. The search for their complaint requires a lot of effort for the physician. New news article and comments can be accessed at home and local contact info folder are ready available.

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