Nursing Care for Anemia Singapore

Nursing Care for Anemia Singapore


Anemia is a blood disorder in which there is an inadequate or low amount of red blood cells circulating in our body. The RBC contains haemoglobin, that carries oxygen to our tissues. But due to lack of it, anemic patients always feel fatigued and tired which is a common symptom. Other terms symptoms include dizziness, low blood pressure, headache, pale skin, chest pain and cognitive problems.

Anemia has several forms or types with various causes. It can be acute to chronic. It can be mild up to an emergency form. Treatment also varies depending on the type of anemia.

Types of Anemia and Causes

There are various types of anemia. The first one is IDA or iron deficiency anemia. In this case, there is not enough iron in our body. Therefore in this kind of disease or condition, the bone marrow will not be able to produce haemoglobin because it lacks iron. Next is Vitamin deficiency anemia in which there is an inadequate amount of vitamins specifically Vitamin B12 and folate. These lacking of vitamins in our body will cause a decrease in RBC production. Sickle cell anemia is also a form of RBC abnormality in which there is an abnormal shape of haemoglobin. It becomes crescent or sickle in shape. Cancer can also be considered whenever there is a blood problem.

Nursing Care Plan for Anemia

Caring for patients with anemia (once clinical diagnosis is confirmed) is an avenue for nurses to carry out excellent nursing care plan at home or hospital, to help establish homeostasis and health in their patient’s body. Usually, anemia can be diagnosed through complete blood count while further study is being done to determine the type, shape, and size of the red blood cells. Treatment of anemia can range from blood transfusion, to use of supplementation of IRON and vitamins. Bone marrow transplant and plasmapheresis can also be done depending on the main type related to anemia. Pain relievers, IV fluids and oxygen are also given to inc rease the oxygen in the patient’s body as well as to skip complications. Adequate rest and nutrition are also being done for the patient during hospitalization. Antibiotics may also be given if infection is present. The nurse must therefore carry out the doctor’s order and transfuse blood without complications.


Anemia is a serious class of blood disorder. Thus, the nurse must be able to take care of men and women with such account of illness. People with such may contact or email the nearest hospital for a comprehensive checkup.

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