Nursing Care for Acute Renal Failure Singapore

Nursing Care for Acute Renal Failure Singapore


Acute renal failure (aki ARF) or also known as acute kidney failure is a condition in which the kidney fails to fulfill its function of filtering waste from the blood. When this happens, the patient may have unwanted and dangerous symptoms since the waste accumulate in the bloodstream. This can happen immediately to anyone. The good news is, this is reversible and manageable as long as the patient has no other comorbid conditions like diabetes for example.

Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors

Common sign and symptoms of ARF may include very little urine volume, very high creatinine, edema, confusions, and shortness of breath to name a few.

A lot of causes are attributed to ARF. It can be caused by decreased or impaired flow of blood to the kidneys. This includes specific health cases such as heart attack, use of certain drug, allergic reactions, and severe burns to name a few. The other cause is kidney injury which is caused by certain drugs, bone marrow cancer, blood clots, infection, toxins and blockage of cholesterol to name a few.

Risk factors of ARF are prevalent to both men and women. However there is an increase incidence among patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, older people, as well as those with kidney and liver diseases according to main research study and clinical journal med article.

Nursing Care Plan for ARF

Management and treatment of ARF also requires the excellent help and management of the nurse by implementing an excellent nursing care plan. For a patient diagnosed with ARF, the nurse must address a few nursing diagnosis. For the problem of excess fluid volume, it is critical for the patient to be monito red for the intake and output, daily weight (same time and same equipment), assessment for edema and monitoring of lab values such as bun, creatinine, electrolytes level and CBC to name a few. The nursing staff can also administer medications to decrease the circulating fluid volume as well as giving antihypertensives. Dialysis can also be done to correct volume overload and imbalances in the blood so the nurse must prepare the patient for it. Other nursing interventions may include activity restrictions since they may feel weak, review of medicines and herbal supplements and review of dietary plan and restrictions.


ARF or acute renal failure is manageable condition. Excellent nursing care plan must be implemented from admission to discharge of the patient home. News articles are available online for more information about ARF.

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