Nursing Care for Abdominal Pain Singapore

Nursing Care for Abdominal Pain Singapore


Abdominal pain is a symptom for a lot of disease and illness. Depending on the location and type of pain, a health care professional can have a clinical diagnosis based or related on the assessment and lab values. The more intense the pain on the abdomen, the more emergency it becomes in real life. But any kind of pain whether it is acute or chronic, it warrants an investigation or a search for the proper diagnoses.

Root Cause of Abdominal Pain

A health care practitioner must assess and know the root cause of a patient who has abdominal pain whether it is the upper, central or lower quadrant of the abdomen. The site can determine the cause but it is not a confirmatory test. A diagnostic test is the best help and use to diagnose the condition.

For extreme upper abdominal pain, it can be a main sign of abdominal aortic aneurysm, a heart attack, a pancreatitis (left upper quadrant), or just a plain gastritis. It can also be due to fatty liver (right upper quadrant) or gallbladder problems. For the central abdomen, an ulcer which is caused by gastritis, an active bowel, or dyspepsia can be a caused. For lower abdomen, it can be appendicitis (right lower quadrant), a myoma among women, or it can be a hernia among men.

Symptoms of this set of diseases can be read in books or google across the internet.

Nursing Care Plan for Abdominal Pain

The nurse including nursing student must immediately help a patient with an abdominal pain depending on the severity especially if it is an emergency case at home. Vital signs must be taken. If it warrants emergency surgery such as those of ab dominal aortic aneurysm or heart attack, the nurse must coordinate the pla n among the health care team. If it is non-urgent cases, nursing staff should review the order or data and carry out the plans. Usually these are all diagnostic procedures such as blood extractions, CT-scans, X-rays to name a few. Lastly, appropriate medicines can be given to relieve the pain of the abdominal pain depending on the physician's order.


The health care team specifically the nurse should monitor the patient with abdominal pain. This career is a great avenue to practice several skills to help the patient.

New information about abdominal pain can be read across a book, views, news, scientific journal and other resources in the internet. It can give nursing students and other people to view studies about abdominal pain.

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