Nursing Aide Singapore

Nursing Aide Singapore

What is a Nursing Aide?

Working under the supervision of LPNs (Licensed Practical Nurses) or Registered Nurses, a nursing aide or assistant is someone which is mostly in direct contact with patients. They provide everyday support for basic tasks such as bathing, catheter assistance, feeding, dressing and hair care. Disabled patients need the nurses’ aid in walking, going to toilet and repositioning themselves in the bed. Nursing assistants take vital signs, check patient wounds or bruises, before reporting changes to their superiors. Setting up necessary equipments for medical procedures can also be one of the tasks as requested. While they are often seen in a clinic or hospital, nursing aides can also lend their service at home, working for patients whose health needs close monitoring. Travelling by car is within the scope of the job for these people.

How to become a Nursing Aide

Tertiary level of education is not required, but to become a certified nursing aide, a person needs to complete CNA training programs to get a certificate or diploma. Training programs are available in community or vocational colleges and tech schools. A program will usually involve courses in anatomy, medical terminology and pharmacology. Students need to learn as much as they can and apply these during hands on training. Once certified, the nurse will then have to pass a competency exam. In Singapore, there’s a national nursing board set up to regulate these positions. Each state in the US has a different standard for the test, so a student who has completed training there must check with their nursing boards and get registered so he or she can work and offer his/her services.

A career in nursing assistance will involve heavy workload at times and physical demands. While experience is important, employers are also looking into certain qualities from an applicant. The ability to work at odd hours (day or night), desire to help (not have an ‘ass’ attitude) and be of service to patients are a must.

Looking for Nursing Aide Singapore jobs

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