Nurse Educator Singapore

Nurse Educator Singapore

What is a Nurse Educator?

Simply defined, a Nurse Educator is a registered professional nurse who teaches nursing students, being responsible for helping students transition from school to entry level practice, through education. Nurse Educators may specialize on a subject.

Although the foremost duty of a Nurse Educator is to teach, as members of the faculty they are responsible for the development of the nursing curriculum, to develop and modify lesson plans, as well as evaluate effectiveness of nursing programs. They must keep themselves up to date with the newest nursing and medical practices. They’ll also be tasked to conduct and publish research, or write grant proposals for funding. Some of them also hold high positions in the academe, such as being a Dean or Director.

These teachers (and nurses) either work in the academic or clinical setting. It’s not uncommon to see nurse educators who are also practicing their profession in a hospital or clinic, assisting physicians (such as an ENT), on the side. Or, they could be working from home, providing support to health consumers online.

Becoming a Nurse Educator

You need to be a certified RN first and have several years of experience in patient care, in order to gain sufficient knowledge in health practices and clinical methods. Mostly, those eyeing this career path get advanced education (a Master’s or Doctorate Degree). It’s highly recommended that Nurse Educator get a Doctorate Degree, as this will increase their chances of getting tenured. They need to continue learning and training as there are always new discoveries within the healthcare industry and changes in the nursing practice.

To become an effective teacher, you must also know how to deal with your students and take the center stage, act as mentor when you see challenges and select the best program to match your students’ level. Teaching is an art in a sense.

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