Neurosurgery Nursing Singapore

Neurosurgery Nursing Singapore


Neurosurgery is a specialty under med ical surgical nursing. The main tasks for this nurse practitioner can range from documentation and research, down to diagnoses, treatment and wound care of patients with neuro problems. These disorders are shown through dysfunctions in cognition, communication, sensation or mobility of a patient- which could be due to accidents that affected or caused trauma to spinal cord or brain.

When a patient undergoes surgery, it is the neurosurgery nurse’s job to help him or her speed up recovery after. This includes administering medicine on-time to prevent infections, interpreting medical results, to doing research to find the best possible pain management procedures. He or she is often responsible in educating and providing support to the patient’s family.

Neurosurgical nurses may render services in a hospital, clinic, center, ambulatory care settings or even as private duty nurses at home. Whether in a clinical or other setting, they work closely with doctors specialising in neurology or healthcare professionals to provide the right pati ent assistance.

Becoming a Neurosurgery Nursing Singapore Practitioner

To become a practioner within the field, a good education is paramount. Students need to enter, get a degree from a univerity or college specializing in nursing program, before specializing in neuroscience or neuro surgery nursing Singapore. Since they’ll be dealing with neurological health, it’s a must they have advanced knowledge in this field of science. A Master’s degree from university is highly beneficial for this field. The next step is to take licensure examination and be registered. Another examination is required in order to become a Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse. Now you’re ready to take on a post and become a nursing staff in the neurosurgery department.

How We help Nurses

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