Neurology Nursing Singapore

Neurology Nursing Singapore

Overview of Neurology Nursing

Neurology, neurological or neuro (in short) nursing is a specialization of nursing that help and deals with patients who have brain, brainstem and generally nervous system disorders such as stroke, GBS, ALS, to name a few. Neuroscience is a branch of science that studies the brain and its parts. Doctors in this field are called neurologist while brain surgeons are called neurosurgeons. Nurses in this field are in-demand for most hospitals and home since there lots of cases of brain attack or stroke among adults and the elderly. The care for these kinds of patients are usually situated in ICU usually called an Acute Stroke Unit.

Requirements of Neurology Nursing

New career-oriented students who are interested to pursue this clinical career must endure a 4-year nursing education in a nursing school or university. Then the student must pass and be registered with the Singapore Nursing Board in order to practice and get a license to work as a nurse. Neuro nurses work in a hospital set-up. They don’t render their services in a clinic since the nature of their careers is also critical care in act and nature. They usually have 2 years of experience in the unit or ward before being placed in this special area. Professional support and trainings are also being provided to them headed by the Nurse Manager or a Nurse Practitioner. They must also have basic life support and advanced cardiac life support trainings for this kind of job.

Job Description

A typical duty of a nurse jobs in the neuro unit or center involves constant patient assessment and planning of the interventions with the doctors and other health care members. Stroke patients are usually stable but some forms of stroke are deadly such as hemorrhagic stroke. Some forms of neuro disorders are also life-threatening events such as GBS and ALS. Nurses must have the clinical eye to see abnormalities among their patients. They must also see on their end and learn by asking doctors about the rationale of the medicines for example.

Research in this medical field can also be done by nurses to search, view and find solutions to certain problems. They can also provide health teaching program and information to the patient’s relatives about certain neurological disorders.


This field of nursing is exciting and nurses can learn a lot from their patients. They would also be able to get prospective job overseas since their expertise is very much needed.

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