Neonatal Nursing Singapore

Neonatal Nursing Singapore


Neonatal Nursing devotes to taking care of infants, especially those born prematurely, with respiratory/heart infections, other birth defects or high risk problems. These nurses usually work in a hospital NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), although some could also be home based. They work to provide general as well as medical support to newborn babies for 1 month, with some extending beyond 2 years after natal day, depending on situation.

Pursuing Neonatal Nursing Singapore career

Right education is essential. Neonatal Nursing Singapore practitioner must firstly need to get a degree from an accredited school offering neonatal nursing program, then get registered. The requirement further extends to getting a lot of experience in the field. The job will require you to do research, read nursing journal and attend training. You have the option to seek out advanced studies to enhance your skills.

What they do?

Neo natal nurses are responsible for executing a wide range of activities which involve changing diapers and feeding new born babies to handling special medical procedures such as administering IV infusions, oxygen, medications and blood draws. On the other side, they may act as guide and counselor to stressed parents when it somes to watching over the baby’s health. They’re trained to handle children delicately while still being able to administer medical procedures with ease. Their extensive experience allow them to take necessary measures to address baby’s needs should they arise.

They take care of more than one baby at the same time in the clinical setting, as compared to working for one client at a time. When the baby is brought home, you can still avail the service by hiring a private duty neonatal nursing Singapore nurse. They will be more than capable in handling your child while you rest to get your strength back.

Contacting Us

Nurses on a search for good long term opportunities and who’d like to take their careers to the next level by joining our strong team are welcome. Contact us online and we will send you necessary requirements. When hired, you’ll be briefed and given a view on your responsibilities and log hours.

Looking for capable neo-natal nurses? Get the best one for your precious young patient from us. Our nurses are genuinely caring, well-trained and uses only the most advanced nursing practice.

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