Mental Health Nursing Jobs Singapore

Mental Health Nursing Jobs Singapore


Mental health besides physical heath is also a priority under human rights. World Health Organization gives importance to mental illnesses and its care of the community and people with such medical mental diagnosis. Singapore has a major support to mental healt h among its people through a dedicated hospital for clinical training, education, research, service, and general care of the people.

Interest for psychiatric health in medical and nursing jobs is increasing among healthcare conscious countries. There will always be a percentage in the general population in which people will experience mental or personality disorders. Thus, registered nurses and physicians are needed for this kind of work, job or career.


In order for a student to become a mental nurse, he or she should finish Bachelor degree in Nursing in any accredited school in Singapore. They should finish 4 years of BSN. After that, they can take the SNB or Singapore Nursing Board. They should pass this exam in order to become licensed or a registered nurse.

Generally, caring for someone who has a mental illness requires training and a very tough mind because one has the tendency to become mentally ill especially if there is a family history. The employers should see their staff to be both fit not only physically but also mentally.

We can also find that like other hospitals that heal, psychiatric institutions have also has the same pattern with hospitals except the construction of the rooms in unit is more rigid and tough to avoid suicidal tendencies. Part of caring for these patients is extreme privacy so no information should come out of the hospital.

Psychiatric or Mental Nursing Jobs

Most of the psychiatric nursing works are posted by the employer either in their websites or through third-party job portal websites. They usually offer full-time jobs and less of part time jobs. Search or view for this job post has been made easier through the internet via email or sign up and register in the job portal website. Working days are usually 40 hours a week. Location is within the city.

Singapore nurses are usually eligible to work in Australia via reciprocity depending on the years of experience. They would usually consider this as their new or second home.


A day inside a Psychiatric facility can be tough especially for agitated mentally-ill patients. Forensic science can usually link some of the extreme murder cases to psychiatric patients due to their inhumane act of killing. Thus, they should get immediate help to avoid hurting themselves and other people.

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