Learning Disability Nursing Singapore

Learning Disability Nursing Singapore

Overview of Learning Disability Nursing

Learning disability nursing is a field in nursing that deals with patients that have learning disabilities such as autism, down syndrome, and many more. With such specialization, nurses are able to touch the child’s life by making a difference. There is a decent demand for these kinds of nurses as there is a growing number of children being diagnosed with such conditions. Though it’s difficult to diagnose these childhood conditions, nurses can be of support to parents by giving information, contact support and other resources to parents. Courses can also be provided for international graduate of nursing, alumni or a nurse who wants professional development.

Requirements of Learning Disability Nursing

The motivation to become a nurse in this field must stem from a desire to help people with such illness. A student nurse must apply for a nursing course in a university. After finishing the four year degree, the nurse must pass the exam by the Singapore Nursing Board. Then the entry level registered nurse can practice her skills by search jobs across the web. The basic requirement to practice this field of nursing is actually a license to practice. There are no pre-training certifications required prior to this kind of work or job. Most of the jobs however are clinic-based owned by occupational therapists together with speech pathologist and a SPED or special education teacher.

Together they help children with learning disability cope and create a harmonious and wonderful environment for them to learn and enhance their social and speaking skills. They also earn decent amount of fees for their service and teaching business.

Job Description

Nurses in this kind of career find this new job very fulfilling. Basically, nurses do basic administrative jobs such as registration of the child, getting basic information, news, history or events about their life, as well as health education or teaching services to the parents. Moreover, nurses can also do research and learn about the students. They can study about various correlations with their health, care, home activities and social skills to name a few. Funding is also open to postgraduate nurses who want to take part in this exciting field of science.


In the end these nurses and health care workers are blessed enough to help these special children. They must have extreme patience and build wonderful rapport in order for them to get the trust of the kids with learning disability.

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