Industrial Nurse Singapore

Industrial Nurse Singapore

What is Industrial Nursing?

Industrial nurses are registered nurses who are employed to provide general healthcare services in the workplace setting. Oten called occupational healthcare providers, they’re present in any industry, as being an industrial nurse Singapore is becoming more and more rampant in companies these days.

Like school nurses, they are seen as the experience leaders in health-related issues in a company. The main function of an industrial nurse Singapore is to promote, maintain and restore health, often hand in hand with a company physician in a clinic. He /she is tasked to give primary treatment to any staff in the event of accidents or illnesses during work days, until a more intensive medical treatment is available. It’s her/his duty to administer and monitor the intake of prescribed medication, as well as the management of all worker’s health records and report. In order to promote and maintain optimum health within the workplace, industrial nurses are tasked to research, create and execute health-related programs which workers can also follow at home.

Let us help you!

Looking for the best industrial nurse Singapore practitioner will cost you time and effort. Every company has its own set of qualifications for an industrial nurse, so we tailor our service to what you need. We’ll cut the search time and find you the most qualified industrial nurse Singapore practitioner to render his/her expert care to your company, out from our rich pool of registered, ready-to-work industrial nurses. Our nurses have good education, are well-trained and well-experienced, because we pride ourselves with our ability to give a quality service to our clients. We’ll connect you to industrial nurses which are eager to work for your company, no matter whether you are a American or Asian company. Rest assured that we only find you the ones we think will be a great fit to your organization.

We help Nurses too

Our aim is to help industrial nurses which are excited to take their career to a whole new level, by helping them get a job with our clients. We’re constantly on the look-out for patient, caring and hardworking nurses. If you’re one of them, we encourage you to apply and email us your resume to [email protected] . We’ve got a lot of jobs for you, and each new recruit will be a part of our very strong team! Once you register with us, we’ll get you working on your skills, and brush up on your nursing (and related) knowledge. Since we want to make both parties satisfied, we’ll let you view your duties, walk you through the employment terms, log sheets and salary, when we find a new client for you. To date, being an industrial nurse Singapore practitioner is rewarding career, and we want to help you get there. Register now at and login, or visit us at Facebook for more information.