Immunology Nursing Singapore

Immunology Nursing Singapore

Overview of Immunology Nursing

Immunology nursing is the specialty of the nursing field that deals with patients who have allergy and immune system problems such as lupus, HIV and other infectious diseases. Immunology nursing is quite not a popular health field in nursing. The reason for this is that only a few hospitals have allergy and immunology center for patients. Usually, these are hospitals that have medical specialist who gained experience abroad. And they have the expertise in diagnosing and treatment of various allergy and immunology diseases. Research shows that there are quite a number of percentages of people who are having special unknown allergies and nurses and doctors can help these patients and support them by providing health education and information.

Requirements of Immunology Nursing

Aspiring stud ent nurses who want to practice and work in this field of medicine should take a 4-year nursing degree. Then he or she should pass and be registered with the Singapore Nursing Board. Next, the new registered nurse can apply to big hospitals that have immunology and allergy units in its site. You can scout for these hospitals by searching the website of each hospital or by contact such as emailing or calling them directly. In Singapore, these hospitals are Singapore General Hospital in which they have the Allergy Centre, National University Hospital and the Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. They provide various diagnostic procedures as well as consultations for various kinds of allergy and immunology diseases.

Job Description

An immunology nurse usually assists patients in their consultation and diagnostic procedures in general. A day would go by patients coming in. The nurse will help the adult or children register for patient database and access. Then the physician will do the consultation and order the diagnostic procedures to search for problems. Examples of these are Skin prick test, food challenge, medicine challenge, lung function tests such as spirometry, patch test, nasendoscopy and many more. Doctors will provide consultations for asthma, nose allergies, allergies with use of various medicines and foods, and a lot more.

The main responsibility of the nurse is to organize the coordination of the patient from registration, consultation, diagnostics up to discharge. Nurses can also place new patients about health education about the various national services, content, news and resources that can help them with their problems. Clinical trials are also available for patients which aim to view and research about these conditions.


In the end, this specialty of nursing will allow a nurse to care and help patients with such disease. Working in such specialty will also boost their knowledge, skills and attitude when it comes to their specialty.

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