Hospice Nursing Singapore

Hospice Nursing Singapore


Hospice nursing is a specialized area in nursing that works to provide palliative care to terminally ill patients living out the final last day of life. They include those which no longer respond to medical treatment, or who would like to end their treatment plan. These patients may choose to stay in a hospice unit or at home, especially those with less than a year life expectancy.

Hospice Nursing Singapore personnel tasks

Hospice nurses know from the start that the patient is dying, so it takes a certain degree of emotional discipline to survive this career. Their job is more to provide emotional as well as advanced medical support to make the patient as comfortable and pain-free as possible, rather than cure them. A hospice nurse will run and record health assessments, report prognosis to family and aid the patient with pain management. They could act as travel companion on a car when needed. They work with the families too, and help with taking care of documents for the patient’s death, like funeral service. He or she can run related errands and tap resources if the family needs counseling or spiritual services.

The demand for hospice nurses is rising as seen on news, as more and more people recognize its value.

Becoming a Hospice Nurse

The state requirements include sufficient education, nursing diploma and a license. Find out about nursing programs available at schools, and choose the program you think is best. You’ll be learning various hospice nursing Singapore practices in school as well as in clinical setting. Continuously do research, read journal or become a member of nursing organizations to supplement your learning. Next, get enough experience by applying for a registered nursing (in a hospice-related field) post . This will qualify you to take the palliative and hospice nursing Singapore certification exam.

Finding a hospice nurse

When you’ve got a terminally ill loved one, we can help you look for the best hospice nurse to help you with caregiving duties. Simply email us and we’ll get back to your questions. Our nurses are compassionate and genuinely-caring. We’ll search to find one that best suits your needs. We’ll also brief your new nurse about their patient, give them log sheets and provide the necessary equipments they need.

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