Home Nursing Services Singapore

Home Nursing Services Singapore

What is a Home Nursing Service?

Home Nursing Services Singapore is the type of healthcare system where a patient is receives nursing and medical care at the comforts of his or her home. Both elderly and the children can use home nursing services Singapore. This healthcare system was designed so that patients suffering from sickness that affects their mobility can get nursing support of a caregiver while living with their family. The social interaction at home events or with the community helps greatly with the maintenace or recuperation efforts of the patient.

Benefits of Home Nursing Services Singapore

Instead of bringing your loved one to a hospital and having him or her stay there, do the other way around and get medical services done right at home. This is of course, with the recommendation of the patient’s doctor. With home nursing services Singapore, nurses are called in to provide focused one-on-one support to the patient, from general health assessment down to providing help with their medication. The support given during visits are tailored to patient’s need in a day, and as needed only (which is a financial benefit too).

In term of service quality, private caregivers or nurses are very dependable. They are experienced professionals who have undergone a long series of training to improve their skills, making them highly qualified in the management of the medical needs of their patients.

Why Trust us?

Our reputable home nursing services Singapore agency has serviced many satisfied clients over the years. Our centre’s aim is to search and connect you or your patient only with truly qualified and positive nurses. From our rich pool of nurses, we further find one that closely match our client’s needs, near your site as much as possible. Then we take on the responsibility of training, giving a view of the tasks and discussing to your new nurse the terms of her/his employment and his/her rights. This is our way to help enthusiastic nurses find a job. And if you’re someone who just wants to gain more experience, the great news is that we also have a lot of volunteer opportunities for those willing, so contact us 62215262 and be part of our very strong team! See our website www.nicoleconsultancy.com for FAQs.