Home Nursing Care Singapore

Home Nursing Care Singapore

Home Nursing Care: An Overview

Home nursing care in Singapore is a community-based service that provides medical, nursing, and personal care to patients within the comfortable environment of their own homes. After all, living at home with easy access to family and friends is much more comfortable for the patient as well as his/her family members, especially when one requires long-term care. Regardless of whether one needs support due to old age, or for an acute or chronic illness or injury, or whether one is bedridden, partially mobile, or even temporarily incapacitated, home nursing care in Singapore can make a lot of difference by providing essential care and services to the patient at the right time.

Who provides home nursing care in Singapore?

Medical and supportive care services provided at the home of the patient or elderly person is referred to as home nursing care. Such services are also known as domiciliary care, in-home care, or social care. Licensed health care professionals such as nurse, physiotherapists, doctors, and occupational therapists are recruited to fulfill the medical needs of the patient requiring home nursing care in Singapore. They mainly carry out procedures like wound dressing, blood collections, intra-venous therapy, etc. at the home of the patients. Additionally, skilled caregiver provide help with day-to-day activities like maintaining personal hygiene, social care, healthcare management and daily chores in the patients’ own homes.

Who needs home nursing care in Singapore?

A skilled professional with the right education and training can deal with most medical problems of the elderly, including dementia at the home of the patient itself, undermining the need for hospitalization. In addition, pediatric patients recuperating after hospitalization, and patients who may need post-operative care, post-accident care, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy, or de-addiction therapy can call for home nursing care services too. Terminally ill patients and those with degenerative illnesses disease conditions can also contact home nursing care in Singapore.

Financial aid for home nursing care in Singapore

The view of the Singaporean government is that the elderly should receive care and support in their homes as much as possible with institutionalization as a last resort. However, since volunteer group and private organizations run most services for home nursing care in Singapore, they are likely to be expensive. The government recognizes this fact and offers monetary schemes and subsidies for the benefit of its elderly community. Elderly men and women with low financial resources can benefit from subsidies that offset their home nursing care, medical care, day respite, and rehabilitation centre bills. Additionally, the elderly can also benefit from the relatively new form of long-term disability life insurance scheme known as the ElderShield. According to the news, this scheme mission is to provide monthly payouts rights up to a maximum of sixty months to cover the subsidized bills for home nursing care in Singapore. Private home nursing care in Singapore is not eligible for this scheme. Contact Nicole Consultancy Pte Ltd at 62215262 or our site at www.nicoleconsultancy.com for your search or find for home nursing care in Singapore.