Home Nursing Care Services Singapore

Home Nursing Care Services Singapore


Home care services either by a nurse or a caregiver or any member of the healthcare staff is an expanding type of outpatient care which can be usually seen in progressive countries such as USA and Canada. In Singapore, this kind of health service is becoming a trend as well among the senior community. This kind of service centre usually caters to the elderly patients (who are living alone or who have bust family members) for their long term social needs, management and support.

Home care is meant to provide healthcare interventions and health education among stable patients. Severe cases are usually sent to urgent care or hospital for proper medical intervention.

Services Offered

Most of the services offered for clients who avail this service are towards health promotion and disease prevention. Usually for caregivers, the task may not be limited to vital signs taking, wound dressing and changing, cleansing and bathing a lot more. For nurses, the application of nursing process is still a day to day task which makes the patient vulnerable to any condition. Tasks of the nurse may include assessment and reporting of abnormal condition, medication administration, planning of appropriate tasks and health education. Other common tasks include checking of vital signs such as blood pressure, checking the sugar level and administering insulin for example and checking their daily diet and weight. This is a holistic approach even at an OPD basis. The mission is to maintain the level of health and help them to their fullest capacity.

Besides nurses and caregivers, other health care team staff may include physical therapist and occupational therapist that does rehabilitation to certain patients such as those muscular and skeletal disorders, weakness or pain. Doctors can also do rounds at home per request or for check-up but usually, nur ses relay their finding to doctors.

Volunteer training can be applied by fresh graduates to strengthen their skills but usually, once they are licensed, they can already be paid for the hours that they render. Nurses who work and visit houses, need a personal car because they will be travelling from house to house. Car is very important for their work.


There are lots of home nursing care services which take care of our loved ones. Young age or old, they have the right or rights to be taken care of. These outpatient nursing agencies are available for contact through phone call. Relative can monitor latest news, events media in various forms like blog etc.

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