Home Health Care Nursing Singapore

Home Health Care Nursing Singapore

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A large number of patients living worldwide need constant medical supervision and assistance even after they return their home after their treatment period in a hospital. Here is when home health care nursing Singapore comes handy. Through home health care nursing, you can provide your loved ones like your family members professional care at the comfort of your home.

This type of care is mostly suitable for those who are sign of ill chronically or have multiple disabilities. Apart from medical care these patients need social or therapeutic assistance and care. Home health care nursing services can be of great use to such people and make their life easier. The care services are available for patients of almost all age groups ranging from paediatric or child patient to senior care.

Home health care nursing services Singapore

Few of the home health care services are specified below-

• Care for wounds

• Management of pain through medication

• Palliative management

• Administration of vaccines

• Patient education and motivation

• Medical care through telephone

• Delivering instructions regarding safety

Home health care service in community settings

As far as the duties of a home healthcare nurse in the realm of community services are concerned, they are aimed at promoting health by focusing on a large group instead of individual care. Few of the duties of these nurses are listed below-

• Clinics exclusively for immunization programs like immunization for Hepatitis A or B.

• Wellness programs for seniors for day and night

• Health programs in schools

• Managing support groups created for both patients (suffering from chronic illnesses like HIV, cancer or Alzheimer’s disease) and their families.

• Hospice Care for men and women for short and long term.

Who are in need of home health care Singapore?

1. Post-surgery period – A patient who just undergone a surgery and is returning home needs home health care nursing services for some time period until he recovers fully.

2. Elderly with health problems – Seniors with health problems who do not like to compromise their independence may require a home health care nurse so that they can stay at home and can receive support in their routine activities.

3. New mothers with their newborns- This stage is quite delicate wherein the mothers need some time to recover and regain their strength to lead a normal life. Till then, home healthcare service providers help them out.

4. Mentally compromised – They need care almost round the clock.

5. Chronic debilitating diseases- Those who are suffering from main chronic diseases related to heart or kidney or are diabetic or suffering from Alzheimer’s disease need medical supervision after a certain point of time.

Points to remember while selecting a home health care service agency-

When you are in need for home health care services search for an agency that has

- A good reputation and no black marks in previous records

- Approval from Medicare.

- Sufficient experience in managing all kinds of cases.

- A valid license from the medical board

- A brochure with all treatment plans and related costs explained well without any scope for hidden charges.

- A team of well-trained caregivers who work efficiently with compassion.

When you find an agency that has most of the criteria fulfilled you can finalise it for your dear ones. To take up home health care nursing as your career, you can read more information in latest news at NicoleConsultancy.com or you can contact the info centre of various hospitals at 62215262 for Home Health Care Nursing in Singapore.