Home Care Singapore

Home Care Singapore


Home care makes it possible for you to watch over and monitor a senior patient closely each day, especially when they suffer from dementia- a common illness in the old age. While being a family caregiver is an honour, we can’t deny the fact that we’ve got other responsibilities, like work, to attend to. When you find yourself not having enough time (or resources) to care for an elderly loved one, the tendency is to stretch yourself thin. But this can only result to inadequate service (and you becoming stressed). Rather than choosing that, you might want to search for and get the services of professional caregivers instead.

Duties of a Home Care Singapore Caregiver

Licensed nursing professionals and caregivers are the ones you can rely on to provide quality support and supervision to seniors with special needs. Among the skills they posses are the ability to deal with resistance, handle doctor prescribed medications, teach the patient pain management techniques, act as companion and adjust to the daily routines of the senior. They focus on ADL (assisted daily living) or personal assistance and can offer medical assistance as necessary. The caregiver is willing to accompany the senior to any social events or to a community programme designed to encourage socialization. On check-up visits, caregivers will take note of what the doctors, like ENT, advice and incorporate it in the nursing plan. Her goal is to keep the person active and his health as robust as can be.

How we help caregivers

Our centre gives nurses and caregivers the opportunity to offer their service to people who truly need it. Being a private nurse/caregiver allows them to work in environment outside the hospital, and with more flexibility since they can be employed short or long term. They can meet different patients and increase their connections. They build their careers while doing a fulfilling work.

How we help clients

We’ve built a great team of healthcare professionals to give our patients the best home care Singapore service in the comforts of their homes. We understand our clients and patients better, and we use new and advanced nursing/caregiving techniques. Our service helps you manage your other responsibilities well, while not falling short on your caregiving responsibility.

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