Home Care Services Singapore

Home Care Services Singapore

The Need for Home Care Service

When someone in the family gets discharged from a hospital, is recuperating at home or is generally sickly, they need focused attention from their primary caregivers. Due to demands of your work and other responsibilities however, you experience a conflict of duties. Their health is a primary concern, but so is your job. At these times, you'll need help to provide care for your loved one at home while you're out working. This is where our expert services come in.

Caregiving for the Elderly

The person you should get to watch over the patient must be well equipped in dealing with different situations or medical emergencies. Senior patients will need utmost support to function well each day and they have specialized needs that only medical professionals can address. The perfect caregiver should know a good deal about the common illnesses people of the patient's age experience, mental and emotional state as well as their physical condition. Caregivers can do a home visit, or stay for a short term to service seniors, as per the request of the client.

A Good Home Care Services Singapore Provider

The home personal care services our caregivers can give range from preparation of food, providing personal and social assistance, medical escort service, companionship and even basic housekeeping. They can accompany the patient if there's a recreational event or community based rehabilitation programme too.

Meanwhile, our nurses are capable of administering doctor prescribed medication, see to the catheters or feeding tubes, dressing wounds and checking stitches, and pain management, integrating new nursing techniques for better result. For patients with mobility concerns, we have therapists as well. Our experts can provide training to your caregiver too if you already have one.

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We have healthcare professionals just a call away. Our team is composed of vibrant, dedicated men and women- nurses, caregivers, doctors and therapists who are serious with their careers, making us a good choice when you need help. We take the task off your hands so you can manage other aspects of your life, and go home at the end of the day knowing your loved ones are safe with us.

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