Home Care Assist Singapore

Home Care Assist Singapore

Why the need for Home Care?

After being discharged from a hospital, a patient has the option to stay in a nursing centre or stay with his family. Those who wish to spend the days recuperating at home are being taken care of by a family member, acting as the caregiver. The nursing or medical knowledge of this caregiver is probably limited to provide assistance if she hasn’t been properly trained in that area. Or she may need to take some days off to focus on other matters at hand.

Home Care Assist Singapore Service

Patients in their senior years, who are bedridden, terminally ill or who have precarious health, need the full support of a professional home care nurse or caregiver. Caregivers come to your house when you request a visit or need long-term services. They have the ability to assess the situation and provide personalized care based on those needs.

The Caregiver Duties

The home care assist Singapore caregiver comes to help the patient with daily living activities like personal care/hygiene, administration of doctor prescribed medicines, meal preparation/ groceries, assisting with movement/exercise, and do light housekeeping. We understand your loved one needs companionship- and that’s part of our service which we do by engaging him in conversations, activities or accompanying him when there’s need to travel for instance, to public and social events or to a community rehabilitation programme during the day.

If all you need is for the caregiver to drop in to check on the patient while you’re at work or doing things for your business/franchise, you just need to give us the correct details such as name, patient’s age, address (room unit number if applicable), health status and other information requested by the care coordinator. We’ll do the rest.

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